Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hepy Holiday now moved to Northern Malaysia (Perlis) we are still in promoting Malaysia as the best destination with varieties of entertaining activities. In the Northern territory of Malaysia we have LANGKAWI ISLAND which promotes the beautiful sceneries, fishing activities, water activities, best accomodation and others while in the mainland there are still interesting place to visit and activities to do such shopping in Padang Besar, padi field view, eating paradise, the cultural events & shows and the best activities love by local is the PERCH FISHING do try them and you'll find it interesting. Stay for a while and fish as many PERCH as you can. It's all yours. Get the best you can to all the destination here in NORTH Malaysia. Contact D'PERCH HEPY HOLIDAY at +604-9806612 or +6013-5308080 (Ejats at your service) booking 24 hours/day.

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